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Introducing: Wild Soul, Healing Weight Loss Program

Next session begins April 2018

Are you not losing weight because there are a shortage of diets in the world?

Are you not losing weight because there are not enough gyms where you live?

No? Then, WHY?

It is time to Ditch the Diet and Join the Tribe!

Wild Soul, Healing Weight Loss Program, is a 12 week journey that empowers women to answer the question WHY, discover peace and purpose in loving your true self.

It's time to move beyond the diets, beyond the fat shaming, beyond everything that is keeping you from genuine health and a life of passion, beauty and power.

Wild Soul was created for women just like you. Women who are sick of diets, sick of starting, stalling, and ultimately stopping the next great diet. 

Paleo? Wheat Belly? No Sugar? No Fat? Keto? Low-Carb?

Which one is going to FIX YOU? 


You are NOT broken and you do not need to be fixed. It is time to embrace your power as a woman and give yourself the tools to answer WHY are you struggling with your weight? Why has this become a way of life for you? When does it end? Is this really how you are going to live the rest of your life-constantly looking for a way to fix yourself? 

What if-

The problem is NOT your weight? But, rather, your weight is merely a symptom of the problem?

What if-

You've been asking all the wrong questions?

Wild Soul was made for YOU.

What is WILD SOUL?

Wild Soul is a  12 week group coaching program. All participants will receive the entire program on day 1, as well as enrichment activities along the way to enhance your experience. 


The Program

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