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 Fertility Coaching

Hi! I am Jenny and I am passionate about helping women get pregnant naturally through holistic nutrition and lifestyle. 

As a mom to 6, I understand the ins and outs of fertility and I am excited to meet you and see where you are on your journey to motherhood. 

Are you planning a pregnancy? Or perhaps you have been trying to get pregnant for awhile? Maybe your doctor has told you that you have a condition such as PCOS that is preventing pregnancy. Or maybe your doctor isn't really sure why you aren't getting pregnant.

Fertility Coaching is an opportunity for you and I to work together to help you have the healthiest body possible so that you can get pregnant naturally. 

Through customized, whole food nutrition, healing movement, charting, and other holistic methods, we create a plan that works for you.  

How Does Fertility Coaching Work? 

As a Fertility Coach, I specialize in working with women who have Insulin-Resistant PCOS. I created a program called the "PCOS Fertility Reset Method" that guides women with Insulin-Resistant PCOS on the path to becoming pregnant naturally. 

I like to start with a consultation where you and I sit down together and talk about you and your fertility journey.  Tell me your story about trying to get pregnant, what the challenges are and we work together to decide what strategies are going to be the best for you. 

Once I have a good sense of you, your lifestyle, and challenges, we can work together to create a customized plan that works for you. 


"I was unable to conceive and not ovulating. I was trying to get pregnant and went to Jenny during this time. 

Working with Jenny was a great experience. I felt extremely comfortable during her care. 

I conceived! My twins were born August 11, 2016. "

~Nicole Cepeda, Jeanette, PA

"We had been trying to conceive our 4th child. While my cycles had returned, they were sporadic and not consistent. I came to (Jenny) to try to reset my body so that ovulation would occur naturally.

Jenny was positive and full of knowledge on women's health. She gave me great tips to alter my lifestyle so that I would be ready to conceive. 

I got pregnant on the first cycle after meeting with Jenny!

My healthy baby boy was born September 3, 2015."

~Amelia Steele, Irwin, PA

Contact me and let's talk about your journey!

Wondering if Fertility Coaching is your next right step in getting pregnant naturally? 

 Take a moment and let me know a little bit more about you, where you are on your pregnancy journey and how I can help you.

I look forward to working with you!


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