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January Special: 

Herbal Stones Massage 

with Herbal Back Polish

A seasonal favorite! Every January, we like to bring back this amazing massage special because, well, it's pretty amazing and it's also a great way to pass a dreary winter. Anyone who lives in Western PA knows that the winter can get pretty dark and that can bring some feelings of sadness or even depression.

Our Herbal Stones Massage is a combination of all things wonderful. First, we invite you to arrive early to enjoy our relaxation room with complimentary foot massagers and a mug of steaming herbal tea. 

Next, slip between the sheets of our heated massage tables and feel your tension begin to slip away. We combine a warm Herbal Sesame Ayurvedic Massage Oil with our signature warm basalt lava stones to create an unforgettable massage experience. 

But wait, there's more! Your service is finished with a herbal back polish to eliminate dry winter skin and rejuvenate your soul. 

~60-Minutes...$75 (save $15)

~90-Minutes...$90 (save $20)

~120-Minutes...$110 (save $40)

Add EcoFin Moisturizing Hand Treatment...$10

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"Cupid is Stupid" Massage Special

Calling all single ladies.....

It's time for our annual "Cupid is Stupid" Massage Special!

Sure, love is great but sometimes....

Love is NOT in the air.

Whether you are happily single or kinda bummed this Valentine's Day, we have put together a little something special for all the single ladies.

Our "Cupid is Stupid" Massage Special includes:

~Hot Stone Massage w/ Warm Chocolate Massage Oil

~Sweet Cocoa Back Polish

~Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

~Complimentary Hot Chocolate Bar in our Relaxation Room

60-Minute Option...$69

90-Minute Option...$89

Couple's Massage Special

Let's face it. Sometimes love can get a little boring, especially when you are doing the same thing over and over. This Valentine's Day, why not step it up a notch and plan an unforgettable evening that you aren't likely to forget?

Our Couple's Massage Packages are perfect for those who want to add a little something special this Valentine's Day.

As an added bonus, we are doing something that we normally NEVER do- we are offering our Couple's Massage Package at a special price.

View Special Offer, available for purchase 2/1/19 thru 2/14/19

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Hot Chocolate Bar

February 2019

Our famous Hot Chocolate Bar is back and complimentary to all guests enjoying a massage with us. Arrive early or stay late for our amazing Hot Chocolate Bar in our Relaxation Room. 

Short on time? Grab a to-go cup and take some yummy sweetness with you. 

First Time Client Special Offer

Have you FELT what regular massage can do for you?

After 17 years in active practice as a massage therapist, one thing I know for certain- REGULAR massage is the absolute key to getting the most from your sessions. Yet, so many people look at massage as a "treat" rather than a necessity. Your body is AMAZING but it does need a little love from you now and again in order for it to shine.

SO- I am introducing an amazing program to jump start your massage practice. That's right- your massage practice. Massage isn't something you do once in awhile. It is an investment in your body and, dare I say it- your SANITY. Trust me on this- I have 6 kids, two businesses, and a household to run. Massage is a huge part of my life. Why? Because I LOVE my body and I didn't always so it's important to take care of #1, know what I mean?

For ALL FIRST TIME GUESTS, I am going to give you the gift of enjoying our "3 for 30" program. I invite you to enjoy 3 massages (60-Minutes) in 30 days for $150.

WHY? Because I know that if you do this, you will genuinely FEEL how amazing your body can be with regular massage sessions.

How does it work?

~Sign up and pay $150

~Schedule 3 massages (60-Minutes) in the next 30 days

What if I want a longer massage?

You rock! That's awesome and totally doable. For 90-Minutes, just add $25 for each massage. For 120-Minutes, add $65 to each massage.

What if I don't use the 3 massages in 30 days?

Bummer. But no worries. The amount you paid ($150) is always yours to use. No refunds but the amount remains as a credit on your account to apply to all regular services. The promo value is no longer valid though :(

How do I get started?

Super simple-schedule an appointment. When you come in for your session, simply let us know you're on board. You pay $150 and you have 30 days to receive 2 more massages!

The fine print-no sharing, no gift certificates, no combos with other offers- you know the drill

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